Our company

Castpol CP1 was created with love and respect for every person who finds themselves in the difficult and painful position of finger injuries.

These small bones, the phalanges, the tendons, can suffer ruptures, fractures either from falls or from sudden overextension or of course from sports and generally all kinds of daily activities inside or outside the house. It is especially common for the fingers to be the first parts of our body to be injured.

In most cases it is considered whether the surgery will offer the best result, but it is not always the best solution. Restoration from finger immobilization is indicated in several cases.

Our product guarantees its effectiveness and safety.

The invention of this patent begins with a simple daily work at home, where a friend of mine as she made her bed, with a clumsy and hurried movement caused a rupture of an extensor mechanism in the nail phalanx of her middle finger. It took 8 weeks of immobility treatment. Aiming to help her immobilize the injured finger and avoid surgery, I made this splint. The splint proved to be safe and effective and helped her achieve excellent recovery. The thought that this splint would help other fellow human beings recover from similar fractures and avoid surgery led me to obtain a patent.

Castpol CP1 is here to support you in any difficult time, to provide you with a comfortable immobilization and to accelerate the speedy recovery for any kind of minor or serious injury that your fingers may suffer.