Use of product

Our product is Internationally classified with a patent number and CE marked for EU.

Some of the cases it can be used:

  • Hand finger fractures
  • Ligament hand finger injuries
  • Hand finger bone injuries
  • Rupture on the hand finger phalanges

The present construction concerns a finger splint consisting of an adhesive fabric and a metal blade located at the bottom of the construction.

The advantages of the new construction are the following:

  1. Easily adapts to the fingers of the hand as it is available in various sizes
  2. It is made of a material that allows the skin to breathe
  3. It is safer in skin care
  4. No additional bandages are needed to support it
  5. Easy to clean
  6. The metal blade allows the doctor to bend it easily and adjust it to the injured finger for best results

According to the clinical results, in case of rupture of the extensor mechanism in the nail phalanx of the middle finger, was needed treatment of 8 weeks of immobility with excellent recovery.

Patients used our company’s CP1 finger splint and the results were positive as the use of the splint helped in the smooth and painless restoration of the extension mechanism.

The use of the finger splint could also be applied in cases of small fractures of the fingers, ligament injuries of the fingers and other common injuries of the hand fingers.